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Company name change statement

Posted: 2015/5/18 9:21:14 Clicks:

原泰州市国创分析器有限公司、姜堰市国创分析仪器有限公司变更 此次变更仅涉及公司名称变更及注册资金的增加,公司名称变更后公司经营范围没有改变,不会影响到本公司整体的业务结构、职能及与您的合作经营政策。 Jiangsu Guochuang Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. ( formerly Taizhou Guochuang Analyzer Co., Ltd. and Jiangyan Guochuang Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. ) This change only involves the change of company name and increase of registered capital. The company's business scope after the company name change No change will not affect the company's overall business structure, functions, and cooperation policies with you. All business, assets, and all rights and obligations of the original company will continue to be borne by the new company. The contract signed or being performed is still valid. The various qualification documents used by the original company are temporarily renewed. The company's business address and contact information remain unchanged. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Above, I would like to know this week for your cooperation and assistance. We express our gratitude to all customers and suppliers for their support in the past, so that our company can thrive and express our gratitude!
敬祝大家业务蒸蒸日上! We wish you every success in your business! Hongtu Exhibition!

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